My intentions for this trip

My main objective for this trip is to build my faith and the faith of others. I want to show people that God is real and there is still Love out there in this crazy world. I have no schedule and no plan on what lies ahead. What happens each day is entirely up to our God the Father. God Bless. 

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Praise God I am back up and running

I am in Clearwater Florida at my aunt Robins place. I posted a video that I took last night. Go check it out. God Bless

Monday, June 27, 2011

A day of rest

It felt really good to sleep in till 1pm. Praise God. Today Joey took me to the apple store to see if I could get a new phone. They told me I wasn't covered by the warrantee but I could get one for $200. Praise God because thats better than $650. I haven't got the phone yet because I was a little short but I'm sure I will have it when I get to Orlando. Today I was blessed with another $50 from my grandpa. Praise God. God is always great. I just got done eating dinner with Joel and his family. It was amazing. I am going to miss staying here the day I leave. I figured out that most likely I will be doing another 4200 miles or so. It would have been around 3400 but I want to go up to Oregon because my brother said it was supposed to be the most beautiful place. I have some National parks that I have planned to visit out west. They are as follows: Yosemite, Bryce Canyon, Deschutes, Umatilla, Ochoco, Rio Grande and San Juan. Praise the Lord. I'm pretty excited. I think I will be keeping the bike I have now. Also I want you all to know that this next week or so up until the 7th of July, I might not be able to blog at all. So I apologize in advance for the lack of blogs. I just wont have a computer or a phone. Praise the lord though because everything is going to be great. So far, all the prayers from you all have helped me tremendously. There is no doubt in my mind that God hears us all and has taken care of me because our Faith. I thank you all so very much for your prayers. God Bless.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Being treated like family

God is doing an amazing job of making me feel like family everywhere I go. Joel and his family have all taken me in and shown me the love that God calls us all to have. I feel like I have known them all for a lifetime. Praise God. We all went to see the movie The Green Lantern. They paid for my ticket and bought me a drink. The movie was actually really good. It had a great message about having a strong will. You see because we can do all things through confidence. The best part is that we can get our confidence from Jesus Christ. That's way it states that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Amen. The movie also shows how strong fear is. I always say that F.E.A.R is False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear prevents us from doing a lot of things. Most of all, it prevents us from doing the things we love. I know this because I am experiencing it right now. If I would of let fear get to me, I would have never taken this adventure and I maybe never would have seen the glory of God as I do now. I had all kinds of people ask me what I was going to eat and where I would sleep prior to the trip. If I would of let those things get to me, I never would have seen the things I've seen so far. I never would have met the amazing people that I have on this trip. I am witnessing the power of Gods love for me. He takes care of me daily. I give all the Glory to God. I now know that I want to do nothing else but live my life to serve our father in heaven. That's the way it is supposed to be for all of us. God is Love. What reason is there to make anyone not want to follow christ. I thank you all again for the Prayers. I just want you all to know that my life is being changed in a way that is truly amazing. I can't help but to think about God now. It's been a blessing everyday. God Bless you all

We rode 29 miles to Franks Church

Joel who's house I am at, said I can stay as long as I need. Praise the Lord. We got up early today and rode to the church. It was pretty cool because there were about 60 people there waiting to celebrate the arrival of the group. It felt good to ride through a big group of people. It made me think about the day I will be finishing my tup and how great it is going to feel. Praise God. I decided I am going to stay here till tuesday morning. I Don't think I will be getting another Iphone. I called apple and told the lady that my phone dropped off my bicycle and got ran over by a car. She told me that accidental damage to the phone isn't covered through the warrantee. So I asked her "What if I told you I purposely through it under the car?" haha She just laughed. So Adam who is one of the guys who was part of the group said he might have an extra phone I could have. I'm not sure how it will do with internet and videos but I will give it a shot. Praise the Lord. I'm still going to go to apple just to see what they say in person. You never know with how great our God is. Amen. Also today while we were riding, I saw some interesting animals. In Ohio, you see raccoons and ground hogs on the side of the road. Today while I was riding, I saw two 5 foot alligators dead on the side of the road. It was pretty sweet. Praise the lord for prayers and all the support I have. I love you all. God Bless

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Next little jump of the trip

I have an aunt who lives in Clearwater Florida. I just talked to her and set up a plan. It is the 25th of June right now and I'm meeting my brother Guy on the 7th of July in Orlando. So since I have some time to spare, I am going to go visit my aunt Robin. Praise God. I will probably be heading her way on monday. She is 180 miles from where I am now. She said I could hang out with her and go to Tampa for the 4th of july. Praise the Lord. So I am going to be taking another small break. I don't want to spend that much time at a stand still but I have to meet up with my brother. This trip is all about relaxing and having fun. I did push it the last week and a half with the guys but they were a blessing. I couldn't pass that opportunity up. Praise God.

Praise the lord

I posted a video just now that I took last night. Praise God. Today we only road 28 miles because we were going to get caught in a storm. Joel had his wife come and pick us up. It felt so good to be in a truck. Right now I am at Joel's house. The other four guys are getting ready to go ride some more. You see they are riding to except donations to buy bicycles for kids. The way it is set up, people make pledges for a certain amount per mile they ride. So they have to ride 1200 miles. I decided to take a break since I am going a little farther than 1200 miles. praise the lord. They are treating me like family. I feel right at home here. I'm not 100% sure exactly what the plans are tomorrow but I know either monday or tuesday I will be heading up to Orlando. I also want to let everyone know that there could be a few days to a week from this post until I blog again. Once I leave these guys, I wont have access to a computer till I get another iphone. I should be getting one soon though. Today I hit 2198 miles on my trip so far. I believe I am either in or very close to Naples, Florida. Thanks again for all your prayers. God Bless.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Praise God

Last night while we were eating pizza hut, we decided we were going to ride all the way to the RV. That was around 9pm. It was another 60 miles to the RV. Praise the lord. So we jumped on the road around 9:30pm. The next 40 miles were through Ocala National Forest. At the beginning there was a bear crossing sign warning for the next 16 miles. We were told it was a popular bear sighting location. It's a good thing we have Jesus Christ on our side. We started with some prayer. The road was woods on both sides for 40 miles. There was no service and it was pitch black. One car would pass about every 30 mins. We had flashing tail lights and headlights a well. We were all tired from the day but I'll tell you we road as if we had all the energy in the world. I had my bear grylls knife zip tied to my bicycle. A couple of times we heard some animals running and we road faster. It was great because we were all constantly talking to God. After 16 miles we felt great. Then we saw another bear sign for the next 14 miles. Why didn't the first one just say 30 miles? We pushed through and finally made it. I couldn't even feel my legs while I was riding. We got to a gas station and got all the food they were going to throw away for free. Praise God. The guy said he sees bears every other day. God protected us every pedal. Road 120 miles and got to the RV at around 3am. Praise god

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crazy day

We only rode 60 miles today. It is 8:46pm right now and we are at pizza hut. We literally had 8 flat tires in two hours. Praise God because I didn't have a single flat. The Rv is 60 miles ahead of us. So tonight we are going to rough it and find a random place to stay. We don't want a motel because it cost money and we can't shower because we don't have clothes or anything. I know God is going to take care of us. I will let you know how it goes tomorrow. Praise the lord. All our bikes are fixed now so it is all good. Thanks again for all your prayers. God bless.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rode 62 miles today

Praise the lord. I am posting aging from Joey's iPhone. Today we slept in til 10am which was amazing. I ended up going to Verizon to see what I could do about getting a new iPhone. There $650. Crazy, so I asked what there cheapest phone was so I could get a temp phone. They told me the cheapest phone is $180. I asked if there was anything they could do to help. Ofcourse the said no. They did say there was a place across the street that fixes and sells cheap phones. Praise the lord. So I went there and bought a brand new flip phone for $30. They also told me that I can go to apple and get a new iPhone for $200 to replace mine. Praise god. I re received another $60 and I'm expecting a few checks so I should be able to get the iPhone in a week or so. Praise God. Til then, there probably won't be any videos and there could be a few days without posts. God will take care of it though. He always does. Amen. The RV got fixed and is up in running. Thanks for the prayers. We are at a church tonight in the parking lot. God is great. Last night while the Rv was broken, frank paid for two motel rooms. We were able to shower which was great. Were 284 miles from Immokalee Florida which is where were going. Be there in three days. I love you all. God Bless

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rode a tough 119 miles

Praise the lord for today. We rode from 9am to 10pm. Talk about an exhausting day. We made it to the Florida boarder. Felt good. I had a little issue though at about 90 miles. For all that don't know, I have a belt clip on my handlebars for my iPhone. I looked down to check the map and it was gone. I knew I looked at it 6 miles ago at the gas station. So it had to be close. The road we were on had those bumps on the side for the gars not to go off the road. I figured I had to of hit those and it must of just fell off. Praise God. So I told the guys that I had to ride back and find it. I have like 240 pics and videos of my trip on that phone. So I rode back and 4 miles later I found it. Praise the lord. It did have a few scratches on it. Actually it got ran over and it is in about 5 pieces. When I saw it I just smiled and started laughing. It felt good actually because God says don't worship anything but himself. Don't store up things that will perish. My phone is gone and it's just a phone. I'm not going to let it bother me. It didn't change the fact that God is great. I just won't be able to post any videos for a while til I figure out how to get another one. I know God will take care of me. Right now though we are stuck in the RV broke down. So if you could pray for the RV, that would be great. Praise God always. I love you all. God Bless

Monday, June 20, 2011

Another 98 miles today

We got to the RV around 8pm. Praise the lord. It was a pretty hard day today. It's making my legs stronger though. Praise the lord. Frank wants to ride around 125 miles tomorrow. I don't know if it's even possible but we'll find out. I like the challenge. I had another blessing today. My friend Ron from back home just hired a new employee not to long ago. The employee told him to take 10% of his earnings and donate it to tons church. Ron told him about me and my journey. So he decide he was going to donate to me. Praise the lord. Today was the second donation he made. It's truly God the way I have been supported during my trip. I can't believe it. Right now we just got done eating in the RV and I'm going to goto bed. Thanks again for all your prayers and God bless

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Good day

Today was a little easier. It was still tough. We only rode 55 miles today. Joell has a sister in the town we were stopping at. So we met her and some people at a water park. Praise god. I am down to about $20 at this point. It was amazing to get cooled off in the water bleaker god. I called my mom just to check in. She started off by telling me she had another $100 to put into my account. Praise the lord. Another family back from my church wanted to bless me. Truly amazing how God gives me money exactly when I need it. So after the park we dropped off the RV at a house. I'm not sure how or who they talked with to get the location. It's a house on about 200 acres with the owner out of town. So we dropped it off and went to a BBQ we got invited to. Praise God. The food was great. Then we get back to the RV around 10pm. As we walk in, we smell something burning. The microwave was running and we had sugar and bread stored in it. Praise god the RV didn't burn to a crisp. The microwave wouldn't turn off even with the door open. Kind of scary. So we had To shut off the braker. Then I go outside to set up my tent. Keep in mind it's pitch black and were in the middle of 200 acres. As I grabbed my tent out of the side compartment, a black dog came around back. He stopped and growled at me then took off. Then I come in and they tell me that there is a graveyard on the property. Last but not least, they have a wifi connection in the house that is labeled chainsaw. It's crazy because when you pit it altogether, it's pretty scary. I am defiantly sleeping in the RV tonight. The best part is that I have God on my side. The devil can't touch me. Praise the lord. I just thought I would post a little about my night. Every is great and I love you all. Thanks for you prayers and God Bless

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rode 92 miles today

Honestly it is pretty tough. I look at the bright side though. God is great. This part of my trip to Florida is to build my endurance. I think it will be a good training for my trip to San Francisco. The RV's water tank is full so we can't take showers tonight. Praise God though. You see because God wants us to love him through the tough and the easy times. That's because no matter what, God is always the same. He never changes. Praise the lord. Right now we are at mcdonalds using their wi fi. The RV is at a church down the road. One thing I continue to learn on this trip is how many things I used to take for granted. It truly proves the saying, you don't know what you have til it's gone. For example when we got to sleep on nice mattresses and take showers last night. It is truly a blessing. Back home I used to think nothing of it. Now I can't wait to get back in my comfy bed. I would come home now but I know God has more sharpening to do to me. He has some more wonderful things to show us all on this trip. Great things to those who love the lord. Amen. I love you all. God bless

Friday, June 17, 2011

Todays experience

Today was the hardest day so far on my trip. We rode against wind the entire day. It didn't matter which way we turned, the wind would change the moment we changed direction. We rode 99 miles today. Talk about insane. I was actually thinking about going back to riding by myself. It was well worth the ride though when we got to the church. God came through and blessed us all. Byron and Tivo drove the Rv forward to a couple churches. The third one they got to ended up being the one were at. He pulled up and talked to a few people and they were having a VBS meeting and worship service. Afterwards they were doing dinner here. Byron asked them if we could hook up the RV to power and water. They said yeah but asked why. He told them we needed it to run the AC and take showers. They said well why don't you just stay inside the church. Praise the Lord. They have a whole building thats made for people to stay in. They also have mattresses that were going to sleep on. We got showers and are able to do laundry. They had about 100 people or so at the dinner. There was a huge stage. They fed us very well and the food was amazing. After dinner they asked Byron and me to get up on the stage and tell them our stories. They thought I was riding for the same cause as the crew. Which by the way you can get on Facebook and search Gift A Bike. Their page will come up. They also have videos. Praise God. So when they asked for the bikers to get up, I was the only one in the room. So I got to get up on stage with a microphone and tell about 100 people about my journey. I handed out about 15 cards and gave the church about 20 cards. She said she would make copies and post them around. After we did all that which was truly amazing, I got to talk to a bunch of people who were asking me all about my trip. Then on kid who was about 15 came up to me and asked if I was one of the bikers. I said yes and he donated me $5. Praise God. He said it wasn't much but I told him that it was a huge deal because any money helps. I felt though like it was meant for the Gift A Bike crew so I offered to give it to frank. He said I could keep it. Praise God. Then Jerry, which is the head of the kitchen lady brought me into the huge kitchen. There were three giant fridges. She walked me through everything in the kitchen and said we could eat anything. She actually demanded me to since she doesn't like left overs going to waste. So I think I'm going to treat myself to some ice cream tonight. Praise God. We met so many great people and the night has truly been a blessing. God has been too good to me. Thanks to all the prayers and our faith in christ. God bless and the journey continues tomorrow.

Praise God

Today has been a pretty tough day keeping up with the pace. I was thinking about going back to riding by myself. I just remembered that nothing in life worth having comes easy. Praise God. I think I'm going to stick it out. All for glory of God.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Arrived at the RV

Praise the lord. We rode 77 miles today. Felt good. I posted a couple of videos. The last 10 miles we drafted behind a truck at 20 mph. Praise the lord. He was a friend of Franks who we met in the base. Thanks for you prayers and God bless you all.

Marine base

Praise God. There are five of us altogether riding. We came up to a marine base which would save us about 10-15 miles by riding through it. Frank knew a person on the inside. He called to get us Id's to gain access. The only problem was Frank had no form of ID. It's a base so they are extremely strict. Praise God though because we met a supervisor who just so happens to be a Christian. We talked to him and told him about our journey. He walked up to the gate and told the guards who were holding Ar 15's to let us in. Praise the lord. We are riding through the base right now. God is truly amazing. God bless

The lord is amazing.

I'll be honest, riding with this new group is pretty rough. We average about 17 mph and do 100 miles a day. Praise God though because I get to follow them to their camper where I get to eat dinner every night. They make me feel right at home. Praise god. Today we were at the bike shop and Frank told me to take the tire off my rear rim because he was going to pay to have it fixed. They put two new spokes on it and straightened it out. Praise the lord. It ended up only costing $10 but Frank didn't know. I once again got blessed. All glory to God our father. I thank you all for you prayers. God Bless oh and I posted a couple of videos today.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On a ferry

I had a video I tried to post last night but I'm having trouble so this will have to do. Yesterday I rode 81 miles. Half way through the day I had another spoke break on my rear rim. Praise God though cause I just straightened it myself. I was on my way to a campground that had the cheapest price on the island. It was $26 a night. About 10 miles from the camp, I started thinking about the price. I really didn't want to spend that much money on the site. I was thinking that I could even asked people who were camping if they would help me out. I could ask for spare change or even to share a site with someone. I ended up getting there around 7:30pm. I didn't feel the desire to ask people so I just went straight to the office to buy a site. I paid $26 with my card. Praise God. I met Robert who helped me at the desk. After I paid, I gave him my card and told him about my trip. He said "why didn't you say something, I wish I would of known". He turned around and grabbed $26 out of the register. Praise the lord, he paid for my site. We had a great talk about some mission work he does and he gave me his info. He told me I could call him if I needed anything. Praise God. Right now I am on a free ferry. You can't beat that. God is great. God Bless.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

God is great

Today I rode 81 miles. Praise God. I got to a camp site that was $26 a night. God wanted me to stay for free though. I posted a video. Check it out. God Bless

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Absolutly an amazing day in every aspect

God truly doesn't mess around. First things first I went to a worship service this morning at the camp ground. There were only five of us but that's plenty enough to praise our father who is in heaven. So I got to tell them my story and give them my blog info. The next part of my trip was across a bridge tunnel that was about 15 miles long. It was about 100 miles from my camp site. Larry, which was one of the five at the service asked me how I was getting through the tunnel. It wasn't a bike friendly tunnel so I told him that I would probable hitch a ride with someone. He was worried about me hitching a ride. He was worried enough that he straight up asked me "why don't you throw your bike in the back of my truck and ill take you across." Praise the lord. He ended up driving me 119 miles to the other side of the tunnel with his son Larry. How amazing is that. He also bought me lunch. People probably think I'm crazy just getting in a truck with random people but the truth is that I feel like family. I have no doubts now that God is taking care of me every step of the way. I know this because I am being blessed in every aspect of this trip. It is impossible for luck to be the reason for my encounters. Also I started this morning with $10 in my bank account. Most people ask me "What do you eat" or "where do you sleep?" I know now that I truly don't have to worry about tomorrow. It says not to clearly in the bible, but it took this trip to fully understand Gods Love for me. So Larry drops me off at the end of the tunnel. It was two hours what would have taken me two days. Praise God. So I looked up the nearest gas station so I could use the restroom. I rode about half a mile and came across a Church of Christ. It said 6pm service on the sign. I thought to myself "I gotta go to that." You cant worship God too much. So I pull in and there is Howard who is working on the church irrigation. I start up conversation and tell him a little about my story. My plan was to go to the service and ask if I can stay on the church property. We ended up talking for about an hour or so. Praise God. He then took me back to his house and we went to his neighborhood pool. He gave me some shorts to wear and I got to cool off in a nice pool. I must be a lucky guy, right? Wrong, its God who is at work here. So we swam for a bit and then go back to church. I met a couple people before service and then we learned a little about God. There were probably around 60 or so people in the church. It was a beautiful Church. After the service before the last prayer was said, one of the people I met announced for everybody to come meet me after the So that's what happened. I had a circle of 5 or so people around me at a time telling them my story. I handed out a bunch of cards. Praise the lord. Then one person gave me their info and said I could stay at their place for the night. Then another said I could stay with them and they would feed me. Lol I had a huge smile on my face. I actually had choices of where to go. Truly amazing. So Howard had my bike in his truck and said he would drive me to George and Alona's house. When I got there Alona handed me $30 from people at the church who wanted to bless me. Praise God. Also I got a text from my mom that friends from church gave her $100 to put into my account. So now I'm at $140. I just got done eating dinner and have my own room to sleep in. Which is good because it is raining outside. I am also getting made breakfast in the morning. Do you see now why I don't worry about tomorrow? What I will eat or where I will sleep. Praise the one who takes care of both you and me everyday. What more could I ask for? I really cant say thank you enough for all the prayers. God listens to us all when we talk to him and put our faith in him. I love you all and God Bless. Lets see what God has in store for us next. 

God is amazing everyday

Right now I am in a truck getting driven across a tunnel. I went to a worship service this morning and met some amazing people. I told them my story and where I was going. Larry and his son Larry decided they wanted to drive me because they were worried about me hitching a ride through the tunnel. Praise the lord. Truly amazing. I posted a couple videos. I have been truly blessed. I love you all God Bless.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Horses on my site

Last night I asked God to bring me some horses in the morning so I could make a video. I woke up to a few horses 10 ft away from me. Praise the lord. Go check out the video. God bless

Thursday, June 9, 2011

This is what it is about

Right now I'm at a camp site. I was riding in this park and saw signs for camping. I don't have much money so I was hoping it didn't cost too much. I was riding and couldn't find the office. I ran into a couple and asked where it was. They told me where it was but said I would be better off camping at their site because of how exspensive it was. They also said the park rangers weren't very nice. So praise God because I get to camp for free. It's truly amazing. I also posted a video. Right now I am in Lewes, Delaware. Just heading south for now. My plan is to stay on the coast. Praise the lord. I hit 1020 miles today. God Bless

Waiting for a Ferry

I got down to the tunnel and found out it's a ferry. Praise God because it was only $10. Right now I am just waiting till the next take off. It feels great to be in air conditioning. I just went to the food stand here and the lady was super nice she warned me the the food had been sitting for a bit and they were grilling fresh food outside. She ended up giving me two slices of pizza for the price of one. Praise God. At this point, every penny counts. I also got to tell her and another person about my trip. Gave them both cards. That's what it's all about. Praise God. Thanks for all the prayers and God Bless.

Beautiful day

Even though it is 99 degrees, it's beautiful. Praise God I just posted a video. I feel like my eyes are being opened more and more everyday. It is such a blessing. God bless

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Posted a couple videos

Just wanted to let you know I posted a couple videos. Even though its blazing hot, I'm doing great. Praise god. God bless

Monday, June 6, 2011

Another amazing day

I don't even know where to begin. It is so great to see Greg. It's been about four years but it feels like just yesterday. He has been an amazing host. He bought me chipotle yesterday which was heaven. For all that don't know, back home I ate there around 8 days a week. Trust me, if there was an extra day in the week, I'd be at chipotle. Praise God. We woke up this morning and he brought me to a diner and bought me breakfast. I'm truly blessed. Were just hanging out at his place right now deciding what we wanna do. I'm not really too interested in checking out the city. I have been in New York before. Just a bunch of tall buildings and a lot of people everywhere. God has been amazing every step of the way on this journey so far. Praise him for it. God Bless

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hanging out

It feels good to see my old friend. We grew up together. It's been a few years but feels just like yesterday. I'm going to be here all day tomorrow and then leave tuesday. Praise god.

Run in with the cops

Praise the lord. I slept in a park last night. Some cops did their rounds at about 1am. I posted a video. All is good. Praise the lord.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Praise God

I rode 82 miles today and I'm only 18 from Penn station in new York. Praise the lord. I just posted a video. Click top right on my videos. God bless

Friday, June 3, 2011

New York is my next stop

I have a good friend who lives in Long Island. I just talked to him and he said I could stay with him. I'm 102 miles away from Ny, Ny. I thought I would go there and hang out for a couple days. Praise God. So tomorrow it's off to the city. Thanks again for all the prayers. God bless.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Camping last night didn't last

So like you saw in the video, Conrad and I went in the woods last night to camp. We got a fire going and we made what we thought was a sweet bed. Turned out that the bed wasn't really comfortable at all. But we were still thinking about sticking it out. Then aound 10pm we had a little scare. Keep in mind the fire lit up about a 30ft circle and then it was pitch black. We were just laying in the hammock and then we heard a howling. It was literally 40ft away. Both Conrad and I pulled out our Bear Grylls knives and hopped up in a tree. It sounded like a coyote. It was extremely scary. We finally got a little confident and packed up the rope from the hammock and went home. We were close enough to a road that we just walked there and followed it home. Praise God. We came to the conclusion afterwards that it was probably an owl. The mind can play some crazy tricks on you. We weren't taking any chances. Praise God. It was pretty scary. So that's that. I am posting an interview of me pretty soon so keep a look out for a video. Conrad asked me a few questions. I have to post it in two parts because of length. Thanks and God bless.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Camping in the woods

Conrad and I decided to go stay in the woods for the night. No tent or sleeping bags. We just have a fire and a self made hammock. Praise the lord. Go check out the video. God Bless