My intentions for this trip

My main objective for this trip is to build my faith and the faith of others. I want to show people that God is real and there is still Love out there in this crazy world. I have no schedule and no plan on what lies ahead. What happens each day is entirely up to our God the Father. God Bless. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Heading back to salem

Yesterday Royal and I went up to visit his nephew near Portland. We hung out there last night. I ended up getting my flight home for wed of next week at 3:30pm. Praise God. So I will be hanging in San Fran for a bit. Right now we are just driving back to his siters house to stay there for a couple more nights. God is still taken care of me as Royal continues to buy me dinner. Praise the lord. I'm pretty sure God wants me to speak at some churches when I get home and they are already starting to get lined up. My life will never be the same. Amen. I will continue this blog as much as possible so you can continue to see the glory of God. Thank you again for your prayers. God bless.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Austin Nevada. 391 miles to go

Today was 70 tough miles to Austin Nevada. Most of the day was flat but there was a big climb at the end. Praise God though because we are nice and comfortable in our tents. The campsite we are at is also a baptist church. So the owner gave us 50% of which made it only $10 fo all three of us. Judging by the map, we have the hard days over with. It has been a blessing riding with the GiveABike crew. They have been great company through Nevada's loneliest road in America. Although this road has been super busy during the days we have been on it. Lol. Nevada would have been so much worse without their company. Plus I have made two more great friends. God has brought me to all kinds of great people. I got to do Kansas, Colorado and Utah with Katie and Cheney. They were great to ride with as well. They had amazing stories about their journey. We got to share some great times together in laughter amd in pain up some mountains. There's a good chance I might hang out with them in LA and fly out of the LAX. There was also the GiftABike crew at the beginning of my trip that I rode with for two weeks. They blessed me with food and a place to sleep for their trip. Praise God. I've probably spent atleaste half my trip riding with company. You can ask any bicycle tourist. They will all tell you about how there is an immediate connection being on the road. We just share so many similar experiences that not many people witness. No matter where you're traveling to or from if you pass a fellow bicyclist, you stop and exchange stories. It's so great hearing different things that people have gone through. I'll be with Adam and Christy for a few more days and then they start heading north. San Fran is getting close and its going to be amazing. I thank you for all your prayers and support. God Bless.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Stormy day but glad Gods the Judge

So today we had two big climbs. We only had 62 miles but they were tough. We thought yesterday was going to be the hardest but we were wrong. It started out with a strong head wind. The first climb was tough but we finally got to the top. Nevada is nothing but long roads with mountain passes ever 20 to 40 miles. So it's flat then up then down and flat again. It's the same thing over and over and over. Once you get to the peak of each mountain, you can see all the way to the next pass. When we got to the top of the first pass today, a storm swept over the whole valley. It was clear one second and literally dark in the matter on a few minutes. So we put our rain gear on and slowly made for the decent. After a few miles, the rain and lightning was so bad we had to take cover. The only place for miles was a house and barn in the distance. So we pulled in and knocked on the door. We got no answer. So we walked around back to an overhang we could stand under. About ten minutes later, Adam went to get something off Christy's bike. When he walked up, the owner of the house was home. He opened the door and asked Adam if he new we were on private property. Adam told him yes and that we knocked and needed shelter because of the storm. The owner then kicked us off the property and told Adam that it was our generation who started disrespecting peoples privacy. I didn't hear that part but it was along the lines of that. So we had to get back on our bikes and ride on. There were no other places to take shelter. It's Nevada. Lol. I was shocked that someone really kicked us out into a storm like this. It's alright though because God knows all and sees all. Praise the lord. The next 15 or so miles were rough but we finally made it to a cafe. Praise God. We stopped there and ate. It was great to take a break. Two fellow bikers were there that we met yesterday or the day before. After we ate, the sun came out. It was beautiful. So we all jumped on the road and road to Ely. Right when we got to Ely, it started to storm again. We decided to split a motel. It feels good sleeping in a bed. Praise the lord. Tomorrow is another tough day. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" amen. God bless.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Added a new link to the right for my Facebook account

Check it out. I also posted another video. Adam and Christy did a blog for me. Everything is going amazing. Couldn't be better. If you don't already know, Adam and Christy gave up a year of their lives to tour all 50 states. They are riding to raise money for two amazing charities. They've gone over 10,000 miles and have 2,500 or so more to go. Go check them out at Do it now! It's worth the time, trust me. God Bless

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Words just don't do justice

Today started of with a pretty nice ride. First 15 miles were downhill. Then we got into some climbing. It was all good though and didn't get too rough until the last 6 miles. We were all getting exhausted. It was a 60 mile ride to Cedar City. The plan was to stay at a warm shower host that we left a voicemail with earlier. Once we got to town we hadnt heard back from her. The first thing we did was went to walmart. I absolutely love that store. It's a bicyclists heaven. Cheap prices and everything we need on the road. How can you beat that. Right when we walked in, it started to down pour. Thank God we missed that rain on the road. I went in and bought some PB&J supplies. Afterwards I was once again down to $6. Remember, better broke with God than rich without God. Amen. So after walmart we decide to go hang out at Starbucks until we get our plans together. There we meet and talk to Bob and Nancy. Praise God. We talked to them for about an hour about our trips. They even gave us these little apple turnover things that were delicious. Then they were getting ready to leave and Bob hands Adam and I a 50 dollar bill each. Talk about an almighty God. I was speechless. I couldn't help but to smile. We all did. We were amazed with joy. So once again God comes through and gives money when I'm in need. I'm pretty sure he's watching over me. It doesn't end there. So we were pretty much out of options for a place to stay for the night. We called some churches but no answers. The KOA was our only option and we didn't like it. I had told Adam though that I wanted a tree to camp under if we did go. That way to stay out of the rain. So we decided KOA it was. We got on our bikes and I mentioned going down this one road. Praise God. About a mile down the road we rounded a corner and there was a church. At the church was a huge cookout party going on. We had smiles on our faces as we pulled in. I said to Adam that I knew we were goin to get a spot to camp here. Praise God. Before we got off our bikes, Fred invited us in to eat. We got some great food an talked to some amazing people. We asked if we could camp in the grass. They said yeah but were worried about the sprinklers. Then Enoch invites us to stay in his yard at home. He was a couple blocks away. Praise God. So after the party we rode to his house. In his front yard was the tree I wanted. At this point it's not raining but it could pick up. He offered us everything we wanted without us asking. That includes a shower, laundry and wifi. It doesn't get better than that. After we set up our tents, a guy from the party pulled up. He gave us a bag full of bananas, oranges and apples. Praise the lord. Now we have breakfast. I am amazed daily with Gods love. This is what my trip is about. The love that people have because of our God. Thank you all for your prayers and god bless.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

In Torrey Utah

Praise the lord. This morning I started off with a headache and a stomach ache. One of my tent poles also broke again. That's the fourth time my tent poles have broken. Instead of getting down and being in a bad mood, I Rejoiced. We had a big ride ahead of us and I had to stay in good spirit. I once again learned how powerful our God is when you keep him in you thoughts. This morning started off with the devil attacking me but guess where it ended. I'm 49 miles closer to San Fran with no headache and sleeping in my tent that literally took seconds to fix. You see you can't let things of this world get to you. If you do, they will ruin your soul. The couple I ride with have a great saying. "our thoughts create our world". It's a good saying because our mind is such a powerful thing. As long as we keep God on our mind we can do anything. Everything that happens in this world starts with a thought. It's what we do with it next that truly matters. God is good. So Katie, Cheney and I are riding together until Nevada. From there I head to San Fran and they goto Los Angeles. After San Fran I will probably ride down to LA. Katie said I could stay at her parents house for a couple weeks. That way I can work to save up for a plane ticket as long as I need. Everything is just falling together. That's because God is in control. Amen. Thank you all for your prayers and God bless

Monday, August 29, 2011

Long day to Moab Utah.

I got up at 5:30am and was on the road around 6:30am. It was a 100 mile ride to Moab. It was a tough 100 miles because there were no services between Grand Junction and Moab. That means no place to fill up with water. So Ed and Maggie rode with my the first 10 miles or so. They showed me the way to route 50. Then I was on my own. Well me and Jesus ofcourse. Praise God. So the first 50 miles had some climbs in them. They were pretty tough. Then I had about 30 miles of slight down hill. You would think that would be an easy 30 miles. Not the case. I had a head wind that was strong enough to keep me from coasting. That means I had to pedal to go down hill. That was no fun. Then when I was around 20-25 miles from Moab, I ran out of H2O. At this point I was back into some hills and my legs were dead. I was walking my bike up the hills. Keep in mind I have had no place to stop and get a decent lunch. I have good energy bars with lots of protein but after about four and no water, they don't seem to be appealing. Also it is about 100 degrees. One positive is that the scene was absolutely beautiful. I was following the Colorado river in a gorge that was about 300 ft tall on both sides of the river. Amazing! So then I get a flat tire. Exactly what I needed. I didn't let it get to me. I just took the five minutes and changed it. So now I'm contemplating tenting up on the side of the road. I would still be without food and water in the morning. So I decide to keep moving forward slowly but surely. About 5 miles up the road I hit a jack pot. There was a lodge I could fill up with water. Praise God. So now that I had water, I felt replenished with energy. Once I got back on the road I had about 16 more miles Togo. I had a little head wind so I decided to ask God to take it away. I rounded the next turn and guess what happened? the wind probably tripled in power. I had to stop and off my bike I could barely stay on my feet. There was no way I was riding against this wind. So I decided to try and wait it out a bit. Ten minutes and no sign of getting any better. I had to just jump ony bike and give it a shot. Shortly after the wind did die down a little. Praise God. I felt a new burst of energy so I bumped up my pace. I kicked it up and held strong. Before I knew it I was rounding the corner to see Moab in my sight. Praise the lord. 13 1/2 hours and 102 miles later I was there. It felt amazing. I ate some dinner and went to a campground. I'll be staying here for two days and might do some white water rafting. God is good. I'll talk to you tomorrow. God Bless.

Monday, August 22, 2011

In Salida Colorado

Today was a wonderful day. Praise God. I rode 60 miles to Salida. The first hour was a crazy uphill climb. Then after that I had a strong head wind the whole day. I kept strong though because I knew I had a place to stay. My best friends sister lives in Salida and said I could stay there. Theres also a huge bike race starting in Salida tomorrow. Some of the biggest riders including lance are going to be there. Praise God. So I'm going to take the day off an hang out here. They took me out to dinner an paid for my food. Praise God. I also finally got to take my files of my phone. So now I have all the space in the world to take more videos. Everything is working out great. I also might get to go zip lining tomorrow. Mogda which is Conrads sister works at a zip line place and said she should be able to hook me up. It's 700 ft long over a valley. I can't wait. Her and her husband Michael are treating me just like family. Oh and I also got to cut off all my hair. Feels so good not having a beard and a helmet. Lol. It was getting out of hand. Til tomorrow, God bless and praise God!

Friday, August 19, 2011

In Ordway Colorado

Tomorrow I will be posting a video blog. Sorry for the shortage. I met a couple about three days ago who are riding to Los Angeles. So for the last few days we have been riding together. Praise God. They are really cook and riding with people has been great. Tomorrow will be our last day together. Our trails part ways after Pueblo, Colorado. Today we rode 61 miles to Ordway. I called ahead and got a church to let us stay inside. Praise God for AC. It feels amazing to be in Colorado. Today was the first day I was able to see the mountain range in the horizon. It is beautiful and scary all at the same time. It's going to be a tough ride but once I get to the other side, it will surely be worth it. Everything has been great. I've had no maintenance problems with my bike because it's just too sweet. Praise the lord for that. It's also starting to get cooler as we get farther into Colorado. It's in the 80's during the day and 50's at night. It's going to be so nice. other than that I just wanna thank everyone for their prayers and support. Without God by my side, none of this would have been possible. God be with you all.