My intentions for this trip

My main objective for this trip is to build my faith and the faith of others. I want to show people that God is real and there is still Love out there in this crazy world. I have no schedule and no plan on what lies ahead. What happens each day is entirely up to our God the Father. God Bless. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bike for Christ

Where to begin? I am 24 years old and currently live in New Albany, Ohio where I grew up all of my life. I am a new follower of Jesus Christ going on about a year now. I have three older brothers. I currently finish basements and also do handyman work on the side for donations. I am a very deep thinker and I observe the world daily as it corrupts itself. I find myself wanting to make a difference in this world and make life a little better for the people around me. Money is a big thing that majority of people struggle with. Its either we don't have enough of it or we have too much and it corrupts us. Why can't we all start living for each other and help each other out. The more and more I ponder about these things, the more and more I put my faith in Jesus Christ. You see there was once a time where I was like a lot of other people in this world. I too denied Christ and didn't listen to fellow Christians when they talk to me about God. At that time I just didn't want to hear it. I thought my life was good enough as it was. I thought I was a good person. The thing is that I was a good person but I just didn't know why at the time. Now I realize that its because of God that I'm a good person. It's the fact that he gave his son on the cross for me that I get to live in this world and be a born again christian. Being born again just means receiving Christ and leaving your old self behind.

I have decided that I disapprove of the worlds ways so much that I am going to give it all up and go on a journey. My goal is to further my faith in the one and only God and help others to see his miracles. My plan is to drop everything and take a Bicycle ride around the US. It will be happening in about a month and a half. I have gotten rid of all debts and will have no bills. My brother and sister in law are blessing me with an iPhone completely paid for. I will use it for navigation and blogging. I have my first destination scheduled for Middletown Connecticut. My best friend Conrad lives there and has offered me a place to stay for how ever long. After that I will be going wherever God takes me. I will be visiting numerous churches and devoting all of my time getting into the word(bible). I will be building my trust in the lord. I'm by far not perfect and still at times doubt God. That's why I will be going on this trip to build my faith and the faith of others. God bless those who follow my journey.

Mike Baker


  1. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. I'll follow your journey, Mike. May the Lord shine his face upon you and make you do things that you've never even dreamed of! Amen.

  2. I will be praying for you Mikey! You are a great inspiration to me. Come back safe!

  3. Thanks. I can always use some prayer.